Ukraine left with empty phrases and meaningless gestures surrounding Russia’s issuance of citizenship to Donbass residents


KIEV – A source from Zelensky team explained what exactly is meant by ‘creative response’ to Russia issuing passports to citizens of the DPR, the LPR, and Ukraine.

According to him, it is not possible to put pressure on citizens who have received Russian citizenship, starting from an internal Russian passport, and for this reason emphasis was placed on the non-recognition of foreign passports by foreign countries.

Two options are being developed:

1. Citizens of the DPR, LPR, Ukraine with Russian citizenship, who previously received visas on the Ukrainian passport, will face refusals from foreign embassies when they try to open a visa on a Russian citizen passport. These consultations with requests for refusal of this category of citizens will be carried out at the individual level.

2. Citizens of the DPR, the LPR, and Ukraine, who have received the passport of the Russian Federation since 2019, which indicates the birthplace of the Ukrainian SSR, or Ukraine, will receive visa denials from foreign embassies. This option is more productive, because affects all, without exception, citizens who have received citizenship under the new simplified system. In turn, there are fears that foreign states will not take such a step, because the refusal of a visa with reference to the place of birth will bring only negative info feedback from the Russian Federation, human rights defenders of these countries.

Both options are on the table. There are no major changes in the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, as current cadres provide guarantees for the promotion of these initiatives.

Taken together, as it was expected, both ‘options’ that Zelensky’s team are weighing, do not depend on any ability of the Ukrainian state itself to act on any level of enforcement. These options rely on the willingness of other governments to practice active discrimination upon Russian citizens based upon their place of origin. This would not hold up in any civil legal procedure, and would in fact cause a massive backlash before it could be instituted.

In summary, the Ukrainian government is engaged in a media-holographic campaign to appear to be ‘doing something’ about the gradual accession of the Donbass into the Russian Federation, when in reality there are few if any governments that would be able to endeavor on the course proposed by Kiev.

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