Unintended comedy in kerfuffle of US Ambassador and Ukraine’s prosecutor

Fallout from Yuri Lutsenko's claim the US Ambassador told him who not to prosecute


Democratic Representatives in the US Congress Steny Hoyer and Eliot Engel support our ambassador to Ukraine, insisting that she remain in her post. The Trump administration has recalled her.

Is she being recalled because she speaks ill of Trump, or because word got out that she gave Ukraine’s prosecutor a list of important people that she forbids him to prosecute?

We must ask how many countries are there where the US Ambassador tells them whom they mustn’t prosecute?
And are there any journalists on the Do Not Prosecute list? Ha!

Ukraine’s prosecutor general Yuri Lutsenko  has ratted out our ambassador for giving him a list of those he mustn’t prosecute. And for doing this, there are calls for the removal of the prosecutor! Vitaly Viktorovich Shabunin,the head of Ukraine’s Center For Countering Corruption expressed surprised at some names on the list and advised the president to remove Lutsenko. Read on:

We translate: The US State Department has accused Lutsenko of defamation against Jovanovic and hinted at his corruption.
Representatives of the US State Department consider the statement by the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Lutsenko that the Mary Jovanovich. US Ambassador to Ukraine, gave him a list of people who should not be prosecuted, untrue, and is intended to tarnish the reputation of the ambassador.

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“Ambassador Jovanovic represents the president of the United States here in Ukraine, and America supports the ambassador and her statements. The statement of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine is untrue and is intended to tarnish the reputation of Ambassador Jovanovic. Such accusations are from the hands of only corrupt leaders,” the representative of the US Department of State said in response to a request from the Interfax-Ukraine agency.

State Department officials say that Ukraine, like the US, is a free country with a free press, and “politicians, experts, and the media have the right to share their opinion as they are part of the political process, but this does not mean that these statements are true.“

And further: “Such attacks double our determination to help Ukraine win in the fight against corruption,” the report said.


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