US and Poland plan reinforcing NATO’s eastern flank against Russia

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ARLINGTON – The deputy head of the US Department of Defense, John Rood, and the Deputy Minister of Defense of Poland Tomasz Szatkowski, held negotiations in the Pentagon, and discussed reinforcing NATO’s east flank through the expansion of the US presence in Poland, the United States Department of Defense reported.

“US Under Secretary of Defense for Policy John C. Rood and Polish Deputy Minister of National Defence Tomasz Szatkowski continued bilateral discussions today to explore options to enhance the security of NATO’s eastern flank through an increased, enduring presence of US forces and capabilities in Poland that would be supported by the Government of Poland,” the statement said on late Friday.

According to the Pentagon, the US Department of Defense and the Polish Defense Ministry “are making good progress” and will continue negotiations.

“Today’s talks are just a small part of a strong and longstanding bilateral defense relationship based on promoting the security and prosperity of Poland, the United States, and the entire region. A deeper, more collaborative US-Poland security partnership is critical in meeting current security threats and challenges,” the statement added.

Poland previously proposed to the US to deploy an armored division on its territory and announced that it was willing to assume the expenses.

The proposal was made in a bilateral format, outside the framework of NATO.

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At present, some 4,500 US military personnel are deployed in the territory of Poland, forming part of an American armored brigade and a multinational battalion.

The decision on the increase in the number of US troops in Poland has been taken, Polish National Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak told Polish television.

“We can say this: the decision on the increase in the number of US troops in Poland is taken,” he said.

He added that the details are currently discussed.

“We are on the right track to finish negotiations this year successfully,” he said.

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