US begs countries to ‘get rid’ of Russian and Chinese weaponry and opt for American


WASHINGTON DC – The program, which was allegedly launched last year, has already led the US State Department to allocate $190 million for the delivery of US-made military equipment to 6 countries, including Albania, Croatia, Greece and Slovakia.

The State Department plans to expand its so-called European Recapitalization Incentive Program, which implies that Washington offers money to Eastern European countries to buy American weapons and to give up Russian and Chinese weapons, Defense One said .

The website cites an unnamed State Department source who said Washington wants the one-year program to span the globe and help US partners get rid of or stay away from Russian and Chinese military equipment.

Not having countries from outside Europe still been identified by the State Department, it is believed to be countries of Central Asia, Southeast Asia and Africa.

According to the source, the program obliges countries to dispose of Chinese and Russian weapons, give guarantees not to buy arms from those countries and allocate some of its own resources to buy US arms.

If a country continues to buy parts for Soviet helicopters and infantry combat vehicles, the US can impose sanctions.

The goal is to encourage partners and allies to use their own funds to modernize their military equipment and dispose of Russian equipment.The idea is that we can provide military assistance and then use some military, said the source.

Under the program that was unveiled in 2018, the State Department has already decided to allocate $190 million in project implementation in six countries – Albania, Bosnia, Croatia, Greece, Northern Macedonia, and Slovakia.

These countries are expected to move forward in the purchase of US-made helicopters and infantry combat vehicles over the next few years.

The United States Department of Defense has recently published a report on China’s military capabilities. According to the document, Beijing pays great attention to strengthening the navy as well as to the exploration of the Arctic. The author of the document believes that, thanks to the modernization of the Army, China can maintain the status of world superpower.

However, some analysts believe that the strengthening of China’s armed forces is mainly linked to the protection of the sea lanes, which have gained considerable importance in light of the country’s economic growth.

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