US fighters fail to intimidate Russian strategic bombers during Arctic overflight

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Strategic Tu-95MS missile bombers flew over the waters of the Chukchi, Bering and Okhotsk seas and were accompanied by American fighters during some phases of the flight.

“Four strategic missile carriers Tu-95MS of the Russian Aerospace Force have made planned flights over the neutral waters of the Chukchi, Bering and Okhotsk seas as well as along the west coast of Alaska and the north coast of the Aleutian Islands,” the press service of the Ministry of Defense of Russia said.

At some stages along the way Russian aircraft were accompanied by US Air Force F-22 fighter jets, the report said. It was stated that the duration of the flight was over 12 hours.

Russian pilots regularly fly on neutral waters of the Arctic, Atlantic, Black Sea and Pacific Ocean.

In the Russian Ministry of Defense, they pointed out that all aircraft flights are carried out in strict accordance with international rules, without violating the borders of other countries.

Last month the Su-27 Russian aircraft have twice escorted US Air Force B-52H strategic bombers twice over the Baltic Sea, according to the National Defense Management Center of the Russian Federation.

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According to the center, US aircraft were detected by Russian airspace control facilities at a significant distance from the Russian border.

“During the flight, the crews of the Su-27 fighters did not allow foreign bombers to approach the national border,” he added.

According to data from the center, since March 14, US strategic aviation aircraft have already made seven flights over the Baltic Sea.

The last case occurred on March 20, when two Su-27 fighters took off over the Baltic Sea to escort a US bomber.
On March 21, Russian President Dmitry Peskov’s spokesman said that sending B-52 bombers to Europe would fuel tensions around Russian borders.

“Such US actions do not lead to strengthening the atmosphere of security and stability in the region adjacent to Russian borders,” he said.

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