Venezuela says at UN that Bolsonaro ‘acts criminally,’ Maduro says ‘imperialists’ want civil war


Venezuela’s representation at the United Nations issued a note on Wednesday to members of the organization accusing Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, along with 11 international authorities, of acting “in an interventionist and criminal manner” after the convening of the leader opposition leader, Juan Guaidó, to overthrow the government.

“The events were nothing more than a media operation of destabilization supported by the immediate complicity of external forces,” the Venezuelan note to the United Nations, quoted in Folha de S.Paulo newspaper, said.

According to the report, ambassador Samuel Mancada, who signs the note, lists the presidents of Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Paraguay, Ecuador, Panama, among others, accusing them of acting in an “interventionist and criminal manner.” The communiqué also accuses these leaders of publicly encouraging Venezuelan military to follow Guaido’s call and overthrow Maduro, as well as openly threatening to use force – the Americans’ case.

Venezuela faces a political crisis that began in January when US-backed opposition leader Juan Guaidó proclaimed himself the country’s interim president in an attempt to defy President Nicolás Maduro’s re-election.

Maduro, backed by China and Russia, among others, accused Guaidó of conspiring to overthrow him with the help of Washington.

Juan Guaidó summoned last Tuesday the people of Venezuela and the Army to take to the streets to complete the operation to overthrow the president of Venezuela.

Meanwhile, Maduro said on Wednesday in a speech to his supporters that the US government and the opposition want to lead his country into a civil war to justify intervention.

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“This is what the opposition and imperialism want – to lead us to a civil war. If I had sent tanks and all the special forces to show that we were ready to face this handful of coup leaders, what would have happened?” said the head of state.

Maduro also commented that the country’s security authorities are on the trail of the military that revolted against his government on Tuesday.

“All the security forces are in the search for these coup leaders who ended up alone and defeated,” said the president of Venezuela in front of the Palace of Miraflores.

Maduro also promised that he will meet with the high leadership of his government to draw up a “big change plan” in his government to correct mistakes. The meetings will take place next Saturday and Sunday.

Maduro said that the meeting should include social movements aligned with Chavismo and politicians of the PSUV (United Socialist Party of Venezuela), the acronym governing.

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