Venezuela’s NOT afraid: Promises to repel any U.S invasion as Guaidó begs for foreign intervention

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CARACAS – Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza said Caracas is ready for any developments, even if Washington decides to invade the Bolivarian country militarily.

“We are ready for any scenario,” the Venezuelan Foreign Minister told a news conference at the Venezuelan embassy in Moscow on Monday, answering the question about the threat of US use of force.

“If [the United States] opts for military means, we have an armed force, a people, a national militia, that would be able to not only resist and fight the battle, but even to defeat any army, however powerful it may be in the world,” he added.

During the press conference, the minister said that Russia has been steadfast in its efforts to end the US-imposed economic blockade on Venezuela.

Arreaza said he hoped to create an alternative system of monetary transactions with the participation of Moscow and Beijing in order to transfer funds and thereby circumvent US restrictions.

“We are looking for alternative ways of interacting with Russia, China and other friendly countries to somehow circumvent the US blockade,” he said.

The minister also said that Caracas hopes to produce more oil in its territory along with Russia, in addition to not excluding the expansion of the Russian military-technical assistance mission in Venezuela.

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The powerful statement annoucning its preparedness to effectively take on the US if need be comes as opposition leader Juan Guaidó declared his support for a foreign intervention in Venezuela.

In a BBC interview, self-proclaimed Venezuelan leader Juan Guaidó said it was “responsible to evaluate” the possibility of international intervention when asked if he would welcome a US military intervention.

Guaidó said he would welcome US support, calling it “decisive.”

In another recent interview with the Washington Post , the opposition leader said he welcomed the latest discussions in Washington over military options, calling them “excellent news.”

“I, as president in charge of the national parliament, will evaluate all the options if necessary … I think the position of President [Donald] Trump is very firm, which we appreciate, as well as that of the whole world,” he told the British broadcaster .

On January 21, mass protests began against newly elected President Nicolás Maduro. The crisis worsened as Guaidó proclaimed himself the country’s interim leader on Aug. 23, drawing support from the United States and other countries. Maduro continues to be supported by Russia, China, Turkey and several other countries.

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