Victory Parade 2019: the MIGHT of the Russian Army will be shown on Red Square for all to see


RUSSIAN FEDERATION – In the Commonwealth countries today celebrate the 74th anniversary of the great Victory. This day unites people of all generations and views. In Moscow, the celebrations will begin with a military parade.

Live coverage can be viewed here:

Instead of the usual ZIL coupe-cabriolet, the commander of the Victory Parade, Defense Minister General of the Army Sergei Shoigu, will go to Aurus. New stars in Red Square will not be fighting vehicles, but passenger cars. They are collected on the same platform as the presidential limousine. Their main difference – the chassis. The car was created specifically for the slow and solemn driving on the pavement.

In the summary parade calculation will be officers, sergeants and cadets of military universities – only 13 thousand people. All are dressed with a needle: the shape was sewed according to individual measurements. Accurate drill pitch and synchronous movement in all “boxes”. Each parade participant will make 700 steps across Red Square. 330 meters, which they will walk along the pavement in 5 minutes and 50 seconds exactly. 35 ceremonial calculations act as a single organism – this is the result of long and often exhausting workouts.

“If we practiced before lunch, it was four hours, about 16 kilometers came out. And in the following days, if you read, a lot goes out, ”said the head of the operational division of a separate division to them. Dzerzhinsky Vladimir Cherityan .

Border guards, paratroopers, sailors, paramedics, employees of the FSB and Emergencies Ministry. Representatives of the fairer half of humanity this year even more than in the past. For the first time, students of the University of the Interior Ministry, female military personnel of the Military Academy of Aerospace Defense and the Cadets of the Investigative Committee will take part in the parade.

The spectators will be able to feel the military power before they see the sound of heavy military equipment engines. In the forefront of the chain armored – the legendary T-34. Armored cars and armored personnel carriers, S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems, Iskander-M tactical missile systems, and Msta howitzers will pass in one mechanized column. Most of all – 150 units – wheeled and tracked vehicles.

Traditionally it will be noisy in the air. In the sky over Moscow fly 74 cars: helicopters and fighters, military transport aircraft and interceptors. As usual, Russian aviation will be on top. At the minimum – so that the audience could be better seen.

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