VICTORY: Russia with superior weapons and reforms, reduces spending in arms race against the U.S


STOCKHOLM – The annual report of the International Institute for Peace Studies in Stockholm said that Russia is no longer in the ‘top 5’ of the countries with the highest spending on defense. Find out why the Eurasian country spent less resources in its military sphere.

Nowadays almost all the countries that have geopolitical ambitions have been involved in the arms race.

According to the report of the Stockholm International Studies Institute for Peace (SIPRI), the US increased its military spending by 4.6% and China by 5%. When taking into account these indicators, the situation in Russia – which has decreased its defense investments for several consecutive years – seems to be rare.

In 2018 the Eurasian country abandoned the ‘top 5’ of the countries with the highest military expenditures and ranked sixth in the SIPRI list after France. In 2017, Russia ranked 4th. In particular, its expenditures in 2018 constituted 3.4% of world military spending and stood at 61,400 million dollars.

The most obvious explanation for Russia’s abandonment of the ‘top 5’ lies in the fact that the country successfully reformed and modernized its Armed Forces, in which it had invested intensively since the beginning of the 21st century, said Russian journalist Irina Alksnis.

“The larger and more costly tasks related to the reform of the Armed Forces are solved, Russia can afford to lower defense costs,” the journalist said.

The author considers that the SIPRI report indicates that Russia demonstrates greater efficiency in its investments than its partners and competitors in the international arena.

Currently, the volume of Pentagon investments in the military field is no surprise since news is regularly published about the defects of the F-35 fighter or the epic problems of the Zumwalt destroyer.

“In these circumstances, the level of return on Russian investments in its Armed Forces and the military industrial complex seems to be phenomenal,” the journalist emphasizes, emphasizing that all this is the result of a long-term work.

More than 15 years ago, with very limited financial resources and serious political risks, the Russian authorities made decisions that not only helped to overcome the decline of their Army and stop the delay in the development of the military sphere, but also returned Russian military to the list of the most powerful and effective in the world.

“The Eurasian country could not afford many large-scale experiments and had to choose specific goals to achieve progress,” said Alksnis.

According to the journalist, among the achievements of Russia can be highlighted the development of the means of radioelectronic struggle, the creation of Kalibr missiles and hypersonic weapons, the deployment of the great defense system in the Arctic that includes icebreakers and military bases.

“From a huge and clumsy dinosaur inherited from the USSR, the Russian Army became a modern high-mobility military machine that uses virtuously hybrid warfare methods. The success of its military reform has been tested in the Syrian campaign,” concluded the journalist.

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