WARNING: Expert warns of serious security flaws on WhatsApp

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According to experts, the security flaws in devices used in our smart homes are spreading.

That’s because home appliances are increasingly connected to each other on the “internet of things,” allowing hackers to access them using special applications.

Cyber ​​security expert Vince Steckler, chief executive of security giant Avast, predicts an outbreak of hackers stealing identity data and people’s banking information through appliances around the world.

He further states that even a coffee maker or a smart home television would be able to put the safety of people’s information at risk.

Steckler said he declined to use WhatsApp instant messaging on his phone, convinced that it would threaten the privacy of his friends after an attack on the application that allowed hackers to take control of the phones just by making calls via the application.

“Smart” coffee makers can be connected to the internet to allow users to remotely control them through their phones, the security expert said.

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He pointed out that the devices are not secure, which means that hackers can access and use them to access other devices such as laptops and mobile phones, obtaining personal information such as credit card details.

“TVs are not designed to be safe, but they are additional vectors to get into your network,” he said, explaining that smart TVs, cameras and baby monitors connected to the internet were also more vulnerable to hackers.

In 2013, US retail giant Target was hacked through the company’s air conditioning system, allowing access to credit card information for approximately 41 million consumers, he said.
Security experts also said that most IoT devices made security errors that would not be tolerated on smartphones or PCs.

If we do not solve this now, system failures will accelerate more and more, said Ken Munro, founder of Pen Test Partners, the UK company responsible for IoT’s security analysis.

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