WATCH OUT USA – New missiles will make Chinese military ship the most powerful in the world

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BEIJING – The hypersonic missiles that will arm Chinese-made Type 055 destroyers and make it the most powerful combat ship in the world in its class, according to Military Watch.

According to the site, the Type 055 destroyer’s combat capabilities cause great concern among China’s potential opponents. The ship is capable of carrying more than 100 YJ-18 cruise missiles, or other types, the portal said.

China plans to equip the newest destroyers with next-generation hypersonic missiles.

In the last week of April, China has conducted a test of the new hypersonic missile against ships, which will possibly equip the Type 055 destroyer. The missile is estimated to have reached speeds of 8 to 10 Mach, Military Watch reported.

If the Type 055 is armed with the new hypersonic missiles, the capabilities of the Chinese destroyer would outnumber those of other ships of this type, particularly American.

China is currently conducting a modernization program for its Navy. It is likely that the Type 055 destroyer will in the future include an electromagnetic cannon, weaponry against satellites and, more importantly, hypersonic long range cruise missiles, the portal said.

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A key asset for China to pursue the modernization of many of its military systems is access to key technologies, not only from its own military research, which although well funded, has only recently begun to operate at a level close to that of the main competitors , such as Russia and the United States, but also many of the latest technologies developed by Russia’s defense sector.

Growing Sino-Russian ties in the area of ​​defense, which allegedly reached sufficient levels of cooperation to involve the sharing of highly sensitive intelligence on missiles and early warning systems, enabled Beijing to acquire state-of-the-art technologies for its combat aircraft, air defense, submarines and, most likely, for its new generation of cruise missiles.

Most of the Chinese anti-ship cruise missiles were based on Russian missiles, for example the YJ-12, CX-1 and YJ-91. It is these missiles that will equip the Type 055 class ships.

Russia, in fact, is a valuable source of technologies, especially in the sphere of cruise missiles, because Moscow has a similar program of crafting such weapons, the analytical website Military Watch concluded.

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