What is the U.S spying on in Crimea?


MOSCOW – On May 7, an American strategic drone was spotted flying over the Crimean coast. A Russian military expert indicated what are the two main objectives that the US pursue when developing this activity.

According to the PlaneRadar portal, the UAV RQ-4B-40 Global Hawk conducted a reconnaissance mission near the demarcation line at Donbass and along part of the Russian Black Sea coast (Crimea).

The director of the National Security Social Issues Analytical Center and retired colonel Aleksandr Zhilin has revealed exactly what makes the US military continue reconnaissance flights near Russia’s borders.

“The actions of the American side on the Black Sea along the Crimean coast are linked, on the one hand, with [the intention to] create pockets of tension and distract our attention and potential in this region. It turns out that we have transferred to the Crimea a lot of [military] equipment, means of communication, means of combat control, and so on, and they are interested in knowing what kind of defensive configuration there is,” he explained.

The presence of unmanned strategic intelligence aircraft near Russia’s borders has intensified in recent years. Aircraft are regularly detected near the Crimean peninsula, in the Krasnodar region, in the Baltic Sea and also near the Russian bases in Syria.

Russia’s Defense Ministry has already asked Washington to put an end to these reconnaissance operations, but the Pentagon has refused.

In the middle of last month, a US Air Force strategic RQ-4B-40 Global Hawk unmanned aerial vehicle carried out a reconnaissance mission on Russia’s western border, reported the monitoring portal PlaneRadar.

According to the portal, the drone with the number 112048 board took off from the Italian base of Sigonella, located in Sicily. At 07:10 Moscow time, the UAV was noticed in the airspace of Bulgaria, and at 11.10 am in the sky above Lithuania, near the border of the Russian region of Kaliningrad.

This is just one such example of the continued monitoring by the US against Russia.

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