Where is Psychological Control by Anglo-Saxons Stronger – Poland or Kaliningrad?


photo image – major shopping strip in Kaliningrad, Leninsky Prospect

On the central streets of Kaliningrad – a total invasion of signs in English and German. The Kaliningrad international journalist Andrei Vypolzov explained this in his video blog.

A colleague made a video review of the city center – Leninsky Prospect, Teatralnaya and Chernyakhovsky streets.

“So, we are on Leninsky Prospect, on which our tanks and Iskanders were marching today to perform at the Victory Parade. What we see – Black Star Burger, Lord Infinity, Tasty Lab, Kaliningrad mobile, New Spring Collection, Authorized Reseller, but the inscriptions in German – Königsoptik, Königsbäcker – that is, the allusion to “Konigsberg Optics”, “Konigsberg Baker”, Schönbuch , that is, “a beautiful bush”, – the blogger lists the signs, counting more than twenty, among which there are both large chain stores – Eurospar, Baltmaximus, and small boutiques – Eurobrend, Beauty Buro, Hugo Boss and others.

“A couple of weeks ago, my Polish colleagues were in Kaliningrad, they were so terrified:“ Why do you have so many inscriptions in English !? ”There was an absolutely unfeigned shock on the face of the Poles. And after that, one Pole exclaimed, do you still dare to say that Poland is occupied by the Anglo-Saxons? And what could I say to this? That this is done for the convenience of the Europeans, whom in Kaliningrad once or twice a season, in contrast to the same Poland. Or that local business is so spiritually flawed and corrupt that it sticks English letters, giving a signal to the West as they say – “we are also Europe“. Similarly, Poland is Europe, but its Polish identity saves more than its eyes,” said Vypolzov.

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The blog contains the opinion of the publicist Nikolai Starikov , who recently visited Kaliningrad:

“There are laws in which it is written in black and white that if there is a sign in non-Russian, then in Russian it should be twice as large. Who observes this law? And why no one calls for its observance? It’s easy to walk and check. You need to remake the sign. Not done – a penalty to you. Then another penalty. Nobody does this. Why? Good question. That is, no one fights with mental aggression. Well, look – the reaction of Russia to the appearance of Latin in Kazakhstan. She’s about the same. Officially nothing. Yes, after 30 years, Russian and Kazakh will write in different ways and it will be difficult for them to understand each other. You need to understand that all this work is going on for a long time … “

As explained the Deputy of the Russian Duma, member of the Committee on Education and Science. Teaching of Geography at Kaliningrad State University Alexey Silanov commented on the problem described in the blog: “I agree, there is something to work on.”

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