White House instructs Guaido to instruct his envoy to meet Pentagon officials


WASHINGTON – The White House has instructed its own appointed leader of the Venezuelan opposition, Juan Guaido, to instruct his self-declared envoy to the United States to meet with Pentagon officials, in order to work out “joint actions” of a military-intelligence nature. The aim is to overcome the political crisis which they themselves have reified into existence through their own destabilization campaign.

“We instructed our ambassador [sic], Carlos Vecchio, to meet immediately … with the Southern Command (US Army) … to establish direct contact. We said from the very beginning that we will use all the resources at our disposal to increase the pressure, ” said Guaido, Voice of America reports.

As noted, speaking at a rally in Caracas, the representatives of China promised that Beijing would join the International Contact Group on Venezuela, which was established in February by the EU states and a number of South American countries to resolve the crisis.

China recognizes Maduro and the normal process in Venezuela as legitimate, and has criticized attempts by the U.S to impose its own selected leader for the Bolivarian Republic.

These events come as Vecchio has been involved in an extraordinarily illegal campaign involving a move which saw the utilities shut-off at the Venezuelan embassy in Washington DC.

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