WHO NEEDS THE U.S? Venezuela to create 4G network with Chinese and Russian companies


CARACAS – Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro announced the creation of the Socialist Telecommunications Corporation, through which he plans to promote a more advanced technology in the country in alliance with Chinese and Russian companies.

“I created the Socialist Corporation of the Telecommunications and Posts sector of the country […] I ordered to make investments with our Chinese brothers and the technology companies of Huawei and ZTE, and with all Russian companies to increase telecommunication capacities and make the 4G system a reality in Venezuela at a national level,” he said on a state TV channel.

The president has named Jorge Márquez, currently minister of the Presidential Office, as president of the corporation, which will group all the communication companies of the State.

“This corporation is a necessity to give impetus to the development of our present and future capacities in telecommunications, affected by the economic war,” he said.

Likewise, President Maduro condemned the US aggression against the Chinese company Huawei.

“The tremendous US aggression against China’s Huawei company, just because the company has made huge strides and has become the most advanced technology company in the world and already has all the equipment for the installation of the 5G system,” he said.

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President Maduro assured that Huawei will continue to have presence in Venezuela and said that the private and public capital of the allied countries will contribute to promote this technology in the country.

Earlier this month, Washington placed Huawei and its affiliates on a black business list that would make it difficult for the company to access US parts and components. Following the example, Google has suspended its licensing and product-sharing agreements with the Chinese telecommunications company, effectively preventing Huawei from providing its services, including in the Google Play store.

Alleged security concerns and fear of the phones that serve as spy devices for Beijing were promoted by the US, who claim that Huawei has links with the Communist Party of China. Both Huawei and the Chinese government disputed that claim, but Washington maintained its weapons despite the lack of evidence.

Not only has the US government pushed the private sphere to meet its demands, now it wants Europe to ban the company as well. So far, however, most of Washington’s allies remain unperturbed. Both the United Kingdom and Germany have said there is insufficient evidence to suspect Huawei of any crime.

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