Why do ISIS ‘White Helmets’ have German medical supplies?


HAMA – The Syrian Army has found supplies of medical equipment, some of them German-made, at a field hospital allegedly owned by the White Helmets group, SANA state news agency reported.

The agency quoted unidentified local sources as saying that the finding was made in the town of Qal’at al-Madiq in Hama province.

In addition to medical supplies that included automatic external defibrillators and surgical instruments, Syrian soldiers also discovered gas masks with filters, as well as chemical protective clothing and other equipment.

The discovery comes just days after Russian Rep. Vladimir Safronkov told a UN Security Council meeting that the White Helmets non-governmental organization (NGO) is preparing new provocations in Idlib province.

“The White Helmets pseudo-humanitarian team continues to prepare new provocations to accuse [Syrian] legal authorities of using toxic agents,” he said.

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The Syrian and Russian governments have repeatedly blamed the White Helmets for staging a series of false attacks in Syria involving the use of chemical weapons to assign responsibility to the Syrian government and to provide Western countries with the plausible pretext of intervention in the Arab Republic.

The NGO was spotted more than once filming fake attacks, including in April 2018 when White Helmets posted pictures of doctors at Douma hospitals treating patients who had suffered a suspected chemical attack from the Syrian army.

Damascus vehemently denied the charges, denouncing the attack as a staged provocation. After filming, more than 100 missiles were launched by the US, UK and France at various government sites in Syria in response to the alleged use of chemical weapons against the civilian population.

Major General Viktor Kupchishin, head of the Russian Center for Syrian Reconciliation, argued that foreign media officials in the Syrian province of Hama conducted a false filming of the “death” of a family supposedly due to use of chemical weapons by Syrian troops.

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