Zakharova: Western Theory on the ‘Russian Nuclear Doctrine’ is False

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MOSCOW –  At a briefing in Moscow on May 23, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova responded to a statement by the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the US Armed Forces, John Dunford , that “Russians consider it possible to use their non-strategic nuclear weapons in Europe,”. Washington fuels the invented concept of intimidation called the “Russian nuclear threat” primarily to spur anti-Russian sentiments among the allies, as well as other partners, over whom the American nuclear umbrella has now been generously opened over the current US nuclear doctrine, according to Zakharova.

Zakharova recalled that, according to Dunford, Russia could use non-strategic nuclear potential in order to “put the United States in a position where we will not be able to respond either using strategic nuclear weapons or not answer at all …”. Therefore, the US military believes, “low-power nuclear weapons are designed to ensure that the Russians are confident that there are no circumstances in which the use of nuclear weapons could lead to their strategic advantage.”

According to Zakharova, under the pressure of the anti-Russian rhetoric of the United States and under their pressure, some other NATO countries have firmly mastered the position in which “an initially false message was rooted about the installation allegedly adopted at the doctrinal level in Russia providing for the local use of nuclear weapons as part of some” offensive operations ” to complete them on favorable terms, the so-called concept of “escalation for de-escalation”. ”

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The Russian diplomat stressed that these baseless accusations against the Russian nuclear policy are designed for those who are accustomed to “unconditionally take with trust such information” packaged “in a semi-convincing tone, which has become traditional for the Washington-led coalitions.” Nevertheless, she continued, objectively-minded experts understand the falsity of Western theory about the Russian military doctrine, which instead is aimed at preventing a nuclear military conflict, like any other military conflict.

“In it, the specific scenarios in which our country reserves the right to use nuclear weapons are clearly and well defined. There is no need to look for any innovations, all this is known. Each of them is unambiguously purely defensive in nature and is aimed exclusively at deterring aggression against the Russian Federation, ” explained Zakharova.

The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry admitted that in this case, the own experience and approaches of some of the NATO nuclear powers, whose relevant doctrines allow for the preventive “limited” use of nuclear weapons for the purpose of “last warning” or their “vital national interests”, which the leading countries of the North Atlantic bloc are used to interpret extremely widely.

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