Zelensky admits: It’s impossible for Ukraine to break economic ties with Russia


KIEV – The representative of the new president of Ukraine in the government of the country, Andrei Gerus, admitted that today Kiev is unable to break all economic ties with Russia.

Speaking on the TV channel NewsOne , the representative of Vladimir Zelensky explained that Kiev received export proceeds from the sale of its goods in the Russian Federation, and Russian goods also continued to be sold in Ukraine, despite all the restrictions previously imposed.

“If we make decisions, including economic ones, we must first of all think whether we will shoot ourselves in the leg,” said Gerus, answering the question of the moderator, on whether it’s possible to stop trade.

At the same time, he recalled that there are sectors of the economy, such as energy, in which the percentage of supplies from Russia is especially large, and without which Ukraine simply cannot do.

“And moreover, if we take oil products from Belarus, from the Baltic states or even from Poland, these products are still made from Russian oil. We live in a global world and it is unrealistic and impossible to stop economic relations at the same time, ” Gerus concluded.

The representative of the President recalled that we all live in a global interconnected world, and it is unrealistic and impossible to stop all economic relations at the same time.

The head of the presidential administration of Ukraine Andrei Bogdan on TV channel “1 + 1” openly spoke out for talks with Russia to end the conflict in the Donbas.

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