Zelensky’s Security Advisor Promises: WAR ON RUSSIA WILL CONTINUE!

By Alexander Grishin


By Alexander Grishin – May 12, 2019 –  Vladimir Zelensky, elected president of Ukraine, prefers to remain silent for the last few days, but his partner Igor Kolomoisky and members of the “Z  team” do not tire of performing in various media outlets depicting the contours of the Ukrainian future. With very important (no matter how to relate to the current state and potential of our neighbors), Ivan Aparshin, Zelensky’s advisor on security and defense, made statements of principle .

The main thing that should be understood from his speech on the air of “Gromadsky Telebachenya” is that Zelensky will continue the course conducted by his predecessor Petro Poroshenko in three key areas – in relation to Donbass , Russia and NATO .

“We do not change the course regarding the entry of Ukraine into NATO. But we did not discuss the timing. We do not change the course regarding the attitude to the war with the Russian Federation , this is a war. We do not change the course regarding the fact that the Ukrainian army should be professional” – he said. “We do not change the course that it should be strengthened by a permanent reserve. We are not changing the course that there should be a new, modern system of territorial defense. We do not change the course that corruption in the army is unacceptable.” These are the main points about which we spoke.

The war with Russia is the rhetoric of the leadership of post-Maidan Ukraine, and Turchinov, and Poroshenko. And here there are no surprises from Zelensky. But the war that exists exclusively in Ukrainian brains does not bring victories to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, which means that the new team will look for some new moves and recipes. One of the key decisions in the field of defense, in the opinion of Zelensky’s advisor, is to switch to financial support for military personnel according to NATO standards.

“We want to propose NATO standards. There is no official income in security, there is a military rank and seniority. There is a completely different procedure. And in order for the soldier to have an incentive to grow, there are nine categories. Each category implies an increase in the basic types of income”, Aparshin promised and remembered his “achievements” in this field.  “We have removed the T-72 tanks from the Ukrainian army, therefore, only Ukrainian-made tanks remained in the Ukrainian army. We did this consciously, because we foresaw that the time would come and, perhaps, there will be such a situation when we have to defend the territory, including from the Russian Federation with weapons, T-72 tanks”

As for Donbass, then, Aparshin assured, “Zelensky will be implementing the same thing that Poroshenko unsuccessfully tried to achieve” – that is, entering peacekeepers to the Donbass border with Russia and the “withdrawal of Russian troops”, which no one can find there for more than five years.

“The Minsk format is not working today. But to say today that we refuse it, it will be incorrect in relation to our partners. Did you hear Kurt Volker’s statement yesterday ? Kurt Volker said yesterday a position close to our Ukrainian position. Russian troops must withdraw from the territory of Donbass. This is our position, they coincide. After that, the border with the Russian Federation should be closed. By whom? By the Ukrainian army or the UN peacekeeping forces – this may be an option – as long as the border is not closed, everything else can be considered, but it will not be effective.”

Zelensky’s position is not very different from Poroshenko’s formula: “Our children will go to school, and they will sit in basements,”  in relation to the residents of Donbass.

“There is a question there, people often ask it:  And what will they do with the people who actually killed Ukrainian servicemen and even civilians there? ” That is, in my opinion, the most difficult question”- Zelensky’s adviser seemed to be puzzled. “How to technologically separate those people who killed and those who somewhere were mistaken. This will not be a one day process.”

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But with this he only confirmed the need for the upcoming purges in the Donbass in case Ukraine establishes control over the territories of the LDNR . Aparshin did not fail and showered with reproaches the former leadership of the country, which, in his opinion, did nothing to defend the Crimea . And, as Aparshin is sure, the Ukrainian military were ready to recapture the peninsula by military means.

“And the president of Ukraine, who was at that time with us? Mr. Turchinov. He signed a directive, according to which army would begin to unfold? What did you expect from that army? The army is a system, it is a mathematical model that begins to function. And in order to deploy an army, it was necessary to remove from the reserves of material reserves that are present — that was also a decision.”  Aparshin, the former leadership of Ukraine, hobbled. “At that time, the Ukrainian Armed Forces were in such a state, and then the state: 1,200 indicators to the completeness, each unit, to the caliber, to the ammunition – were at that time ready to protect the Crimea. We had 3-5 days for this … And further, the former Chief of the General Staff and the current Chief of the General Staff Muzhenko, two weeks ago, he stated that at the time of the occupation of the Crimea, the Ukrainian army was strong enough to protect the territory of Crimea.”

To be proud of the fact that instead of good tanks in service they left less quality and more capricious ones – this is evidence of the fact that it is not the most adequate. Another thing is that the T-72 in Ukraine was brought to the state of non-standard during storage. But the tanks themselves are not to blame for this. Aparshin showed himself even more inadequate, arguing about the combat potential of the Ukrainian troops stationed on the peninsula. After all, most of the Ukrainian military, who served in the Crimea, went over to the side of Russia and, if they had to fight, it was still a question on which side they would have acted.

It is, of course, bad that the new power government does not intend to change its approach to solving the most burning issue – about peace in the country. But it is even worse that the same inadequate people as their predecessors will continue to lead the processes in this area. If still not great inadequate. What can mean not just the preservation of the not at all peaceful current status quo, but also a significant intensification of hostilities, since the old recipe will not bring anything desired, and the new authorities will demand results.

There is still a chance that Zelensky will make adjustments, but it is so minimal that the statistical error in the sociological survey is several times more than than necessary to say they will have no effect. And this means that there will be no negotiations between Moscow and Kiev with such a policy. There is nothing to talk about and, it turns out, no one worth talking to.


from Komsomolskaya Pravda, translated by and for Fort Russ News

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