An unhinged Senator Graham says U.S must invade Venezuela to scare Iran and North Korea

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WASHINGTON DC – US Senator Lindsey Graham has suggested to President Trump that he take a major step by “military force” in the ongoing struggle for the presidency of Venezuela.

During an interview with Fox News on Friday, the US Senator from South Carolina was asked about issues regarding Trump’s foreign policy challenges vis-a-vis Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, as well as issues involving North Korea, who continue to ignore their agreement, and Iran’s alleged attack on oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman.

“Give Cuba an ultimatum – without Cuba, Maduro doesn’t last one day – tell Cuba to get out of Venezuela. Do what Reagan did in Grenada – put military force on the table!” Graham told a Fox News host, going from zero to invasion in ten seconds flat in response to a question about how Trump should handle his foreign conflicts.

“We need points on the board,” the South Carolina senator insisted. “Start with your own backyard… Fix Venezuela and everybody else will know you’re serious.” North Korea and Iran, he implied, would fall right into line after Venezuela was put in its place.

While Graham paid lip service to the president’s non-military accomplishments, reluctantly congratulating him on slowing down North Korea’s nuclear ambitions, his advice didn’t include much by way of diplomacy: “When it comes to Rocketman, letters don’t matter anymore to me, it’s performance.” Graham notably called for Trump to “end the nuclear threat” mere hours after the president’s Hanoi summit with the North Korean leader collapsed.

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Although Graham spoke about the American president’s non-military achievements, reluctantly congratulating him for slowing North Korea’s nuclear ambitions, his advice did not include much in terms of diplomacy.

In May, the US Congress representative said he would do “exactly what Reagan did” in relation to Venezuela.

It’s easy to see why Graham would take such a fond view of Reagan’s bullheaded 1983 Grenada invasion. While it was universally condemned – the UN deemed it a “flagrant violation of international law” by a vote of 108 to 9, and even UK PM Margaret Thatcher privately disapproved (though she backed her ally in public) – Americans supported the invasion, having been convinced via a well-orchestrated propaganda campaign that a few hundred American medical students on the island were in mortal danger under the island’s new government, RT reported.

Reagan hoped the neat and tidy four-day invasion would shore up Americans’ faith in their own military, which had been on a steady downhill slide since Vietnam, and Graham appears to believe the US would similarly receive a morale boost from Venezuela, despite the obvious differences in population and military power, the report said.

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