Anti-diplomacy: May tells Putin that England does not want normalized relations with Russia


OSAKA – The normalization of relations between Britain and Russia is still impossible, according to British Prime Minister Theresa May in her comments to Russian President Vladimir Putin on the G20 sidelines in Osaka, the Press Association reported, citing a representative of the British Prime Minister.

According to him, the meeting discussed the incident in Salisbury, the conflict in Ukraine, the Iranian nuclear deal and the situation in Syria.

“Normalization of our bilateral relations is impossible until Russia stops its irresponsible and destabilizing actions,” said a spokesman for May. “The prime minister made it clear that the United Kingdom has irrefutable evidence that Russia is behind the attack in Salisbury.  She said that such actions should never be repeated, and that the United Kingdom wants the two people who are responsible for what happened to be brought to justice. ”

In addition, the prime minister called on the President of the Russian Federation to restrain “the offensive of Bashar Assad in Idlib” and declared readiness to “unconditionally stand up for liberal democracy,” human rights, including representatives of sexual minorities.

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This request appears to ignore the fact that a sovereign government has the right to use military force to remove a terrorist group from occupying territory.

A spokesman for May added that in a conversation with Putin, questions were raised that “are causing international concern,” including the preservation of a nuclear deal with Iran.

The British government has not given whatever evidence it may possess that Russian agents were involved in the Skripal poisoning, using novichok or other materials. Russia has on numerous times requested to receive such evidence, analysis of the nerve agent used, and related materials. The British government appears to want to skip over any sharing of evidence and request that Russia first move to act against those Britain accuses, without any procedure or evidentiary process in place.

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