Any ‘New Vietnam’ in Venezuela could destroy Trump’s Presidency


WASHINGTON DC – As envoys of Venezuela’s opposition leader Juan Guaidó and President Nicolas Maduro sort the results of the Oslo talks, some US warmongers are still pushing for military intervention.

US military action could lead to “another Vietnam,” said a researcher, writer and expert on the subject.

Supported aloud by Washington and backed by dozens of governments, the previously unknown Guaidó appeared on the international stage in January. After the crash of the failed April coup, little of this materialized, prompting Guaidó to take on Maduro’s offer of talks aimed at resolving the crisis.

The White House’s bellicose rhetoric has cooled down following the failed action, but some warmongers at the Capitol continue to press for military action.

Referring to the four-day invasion of former US President Ronald Reagan on the small Caribbean island of Grenada in 1983, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said a similar action could be taken in Venezuela if Maduro and his military refused to expel Cuban advisers.

However, Dan Kovalik, author of “The Plot to Overthrow Venezuela,” told RT that an invasion of Venezuela in the Granada style is just silly and would lead to a protracted struggle that would leave the US acting without any ally.

Meanwhile, the Central Bank of Venezuela released a report on the inflation rate in the country. According to published data, in 2018 inflation reached 130.060%, and in April of this year, prices rose 33.8%.

The Central Bank states that in January the highest growth in the consumer price index was recorded – 196.6% in February – 114.4% in March – 34.8%. By 2017 the annual inflation had been 862.6%, in 2016 – 274%.

This is the first report of the Central Bank in the last four years, that is, since 2015, when the inflation rate was 180.9% per year. Since the second half of 2016, the data have been published by the National Assembly.

The Central Bank also reports that the country’s GDP in the third quarter of 2018 fell by 22.5% compared to the same period in 2017.

In March, Venezuelan National Assembly deputy José Guerra had stated that the inflation rate from February 2018 to February 2019 was approximately 2 million percent per year.

The International Monetary Fund expects Venezuela’s GDP to fall 25% this year and 10% next year. The forecast of the IMF’s inflation rate is about 10 million percent in the years 2019 and 2020.

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