Are Russia, China and India developing a joint response to the U.S?

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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi proposed to Russian President Vladimir Putin to hold a trilateral meeting of Russia, China and India (RICH) in the framework of the G20 summit and to maintain contacts also on other platforms. The experts, consulted by Sputnik, analyze the meaning of this event.

According to Igor Shatrov, deputy director of the National Institute for the Development of Modern Ideology, it is an “important political event.”

“It is a gesture that reflects the affinity of the positions of three major countries: Russia, China and India, the desire to show it takes place in a context of the collapse of the international interaction system not only political but also economic,” he said in statements.

The expert opined that the trade wars initiated by the United States have seriously undermined the system of international economic relations.

“The RICH meeting can be considered as a message that the three countries want to send to the rest of the G20 participants.”

Shatrov considered it convenient for Russia, China and India to discuss the policy of pressure from the United States, and possibly elaborate a joint response to US actions. The three partners need mutual support, he added.

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In addition, according to the analyst, countries could talk about the reorientation of trade flows to solve the economic problems that arise due to US protectionism.

For his part, Wu Enyuan, an expert from the Academy of Social Sciences of China, said that the RICH summit will be a “great world event”.

“These three major powers can join and discuss issues such as BRICS and OCS (Shanghai Cooperation Organization), promote regional security and preserve world peace,” he said.

Due to its full economic potential, the total population and geographical location, China, India and Russia play a stabilizing role in world politics, said the Chinese analyst, adding that the summit will also allow the three countries to solve certain problems between them through a dialogue.

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