At plenary session, Putin condemns the US attempts to control the world’s trade

US trying to push its own jurisdiction across the globe


Putin: US extends its laws over the whole world

On Friday, Russian President Vladimir Putin condemned US policies in the plenary session of this year’s International Business Forum in St. Petersburg (SPIEF), which, in his view, make the whole world the domain of their laws.
According to the Russian leader, there is a danger that the universalist model of globalization will degenerate into a “parody, a caricature of itself”.
“In this case, general international rules are abolished by the laws, administrative and judicial mechanisms of a country or group of influential countries.

“I note with regret that the United States behaves this way today by making the whole world the territory of its laws.” Putin also described the “fragmentation of the economic space, the politics of an unrestricted economic egoism and its violent enforcement” as another danger.
“But this is a path to endless conflicts, to trade wars and possibly to (actual – ed.) Wars. To fight without rules of ‘all against all’, figuratively speaking.”

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Attempts to monopolize the “new wave of technology” and limit “access to its fruits” are the main source of instability.”Two worlds are formed – or an attempt to form them is underway. The distance between them is constantly growing: While some have access to the most advanced education and health systems as well as to modern technologies, others have no prospects, and no opportunities to escape misery. Some are even fighting for survival.”

Earlier at the forum, President Putin called the US attitude towards South America amazing, calling threats of intervention, including military intervention, “untenable. “How can such a leading country let itself suppose the whole continent is its back yard?”
From June 6 to 8, 2019, the international business elite will meet in the Russian city of St. Petersburg for the International Business Forum (SPIEF). This year, 17,000 participants attended the Forum, including representatives from more than 1,800 Russian and foreign companies.The SPIEF has been held annually since 1997 and has been under the patronage of the Russian President since 2005. The forum is an important event for the global business / sna

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