BREAKING: Fresh Coup Attempt in Venezuela Just Foiled

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CARACAS – Jun 26, 2019 @ 22:39Venezuelan authorities have just prevented another attempted coup, the Minister of Communications and Information of the Bolivarian Republic, Jorge Rodriguez said just moments ago, today June 26th.

“We have videotapes that are evidence of the transfer of arms and money (for the purpose of a coup d’état),” said the minister at a press conference broadcast by the Latin American television channel Telesur.

According to Rodriguez, the plan of the conspirators was to seize weapons depots, raise a military coup in Caracas, and then release from prison the former defense minister Raul Baduel , who in 2009 was sentenced to a long prison term in a corruption case, and proclaim him president of Venezuela.

Jorge Rodriguez noted that opponents of the current president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, hired foreign mercenaries to physically eliminate the head of state.

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“There were three battle groups: the group“ Sucre ”, the group“ Lander ”and the group“ Ulises ”. The aim of the group “Sucre” was the capture and murder of President Maduro, ” the minister said.

Recall, on April 30, the leader of the Venezuelan opposition, the self-proclaimed President Juan Guaydo, called on the people of the Bolivarian Republic for mass demonstrations, calling it the final stage of Operation Freedom to overthrow the Maduro regime and inclining the army and national guard to go to the opposition. However, only a few military people followed this call. Venezuelan Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino Lopez said that the authorities had suppressed an opposition attempt to make a coup d’état. The head of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, said at the time that the command of the national army guaranteed him his “complete loyalty.”

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