BREAKING: Honduran Protesters Set Fire to U.S Embassy


Tegucigalpa – In Honduras against the backdrop of a mass strike of medical professionals and education workers against the austerity measures of U.S backed President Juan Orlando Hernández, a mass  of protesters gathered around the US Embassy and set fire to it. Protesters piled tires at the entrance to the building and set them on fire.

The Honduran protesters are said to hold the U.S responsible for its current socio-economic crisis, a fair charge given that Hillary Clinton staged a coup in the country some ten years ago, ousting the popular president Zelaya. As a result, the U.S coup installed government engaged in a campaign of repression, austerity, and the extra-judicial executions of numerous humanitarian activists.

Tens of thousands of protesters joined striking educators in the streets of the capital Tegucigalpa and other major cities in recent days, protesting plans by President Hernández’s government to privatize healthcare, pensions and education. The reforms would also expedite budget cuts and ignite mass layoffs. The government said Tuesday it would enforce sanctions and criminal charges against teachers and medical personnel involved in any of the demonstrations. Dozens of protesters were injured Monday as roadblocks and other mobilizations throughout the country were met with tear gas and violent repression from the Honduran police and military.

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