BYE BYE AMERICAN DRONES: Russia creates new version of radio-electronic anti-drone weapon

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MOSCOW – The Zala Aero Group, which is part of the Kalashnikov consortium, has submitted a new version of its weapon against drones at the International Military-Technical Forum ARMY 2019, reported the Kalashnikov press site.

The first version of the product was shown in the ARMY 2017 forum and soon attracted the attention of the experts.

“The REX-2 has become lighter and more compact than its predecessor: the product dimensions have been reduced, and its weight is now only 3 kg,” the information published by the company said.

The standard gun includes three modules capable of suppressing signals: 2.4 GHz, 5.8 GHz, SNS. In the construction is integrated the suppression block of satellite navigation systems. This weapon also contains a battery charge indication to simplify the control of the level.

“As in the previous version, the frequency of the transmission can be adjusted according to customer needs. Video recorder, stroboscope, laser and display are optionally installed,” – said the information provided.

Proven reliability

The REX-2 passed laboratory tests on electromagnetic field measurement at the certification center, is recognized as safe and complies with existing standards.

Rossiya Segodnya is the official news agency of the military forum ARMY 2019, while the international news and radio agency Sputnik participates as an international media partner of the forum.

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Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin has stated that laser technology will play a crucial role in the country’s military power by talking about the “first practical results” of the Russian Peresvet laser-fighting system.

Putin highlighted the importance of the development of laser technology, including “tactical-level combat laser complexes”, at a defense-related cabinet meeting on Friday.

“Such types of weaponry will largely define the combat potential of the Russian Army and Navy … throughout the 21st century,” he said.

Putin said the government will study “the first practical results” of Peresvet’s laser system performance when used by the military. The top gun formally entered the testing service in December.

Named after a famous Russian patriotic warrior monk of the 14th century, Peresvet was announced by Putin last year.

Almost everything about the gun is stealthy, even its exact purpose. Experts suggest that the laser, among other things, can be used as an interference device or to neutralize aerial targets, including cruise missiles. Some have said that military level lasers like this can be used against enemy satellites.

In his speech in March 2018, Putin unveiled a series of new cutting-edge weapons. Among them was the airborne hypersonic missile Kinzhal (“Dagger”), who later successfully passed tests and was mounted on MiG-31 fighters.

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