Canada joins the imperialist provocation campaign in the Pacific against One China

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The two Canadian Navy ships, the HMCS Regina frigate and supply vessel MV Asterix, in solidarity with the United States and France, and in opposition to China, as well as guided by what they explained as ‘international shipping standards’, made a passage through the Taiwan Strait on June 18.

In early June, The New York Times reported that Germany was considering the possibility of sending a warship to the Taiwan Strait for the same geopolitical reasons – containment of China and opposition to China’s policy of ‘One China’. As noted by the ex-editor of the publication John Vinocur , who received this information from high-ranking German officials, joint actions with the US and French military will help improve the image of Germany’s political and economic power

Moreover, this gesture, he believes, can also soften the criticism by US President Donald Trump about Berlin’s reluctance to spend money on weapons at a level agreed upon by NATO. It should be noted that China is situated in a location other than the North Atlantic. 

US warships regularly make a demonstrative passage through the Taiwan Strait, which mainland China considers its territory. Thus, point out in Washington, the US is demonstrating its commitment to the free and open basin of the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

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Consequently in May the destroyer “Preble” and oil tanker Navy “Walter S. Diehl” passed through the Taiwan Strait.  In April, two destroyers of the US Navy, William P. Lawrence and Stethem, made a pass in the Taiwan Strait. Earlier, in March, the Curtis Wilbur US Navy destroyer and guided missile destroyer and the coast guard Bertholf patrol boat visited there.

In response, the PRC authorities urge the United States to “follow the principle of one China, and also be wary of issues related to Taiwan, so as not to have a negative impact on Sino-US relations, as well as peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait.”

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