Chinese media names Russian technology that is a ‘headache’ for the Pentagon


MOSCOW – According to a recently published article, Russian jamming devices can neutralize American GPS receivers by putting this system out of service.

According to the Chinese portal Sina, these jammers have become a real “headache” for the US. Russian gadgets can paralyze Pentagon GPS systems, so the US suffers “defeat after defeat.” The lack of GPS signal significantly reduces the effectiveness of the weapons and results in wasted ammunition, explains the author of the article.

Because of this, Washington has begun to elaborate interference-resistant GPS equipment. At the moment the first generation of these equipment is being produced, but the US Armed Forces are already insisting on its modernization for the second or third generation. The reason for this is Russian development, which increasingly creates threats to the Pentagon.

“However, because the GPS system is permeable to interference, false signals and malfunctioning of satellites, it is possible that the US will give up this system because it only weakens the Armed Forces,” the article said.

According to the author, US concern was caused by the use of GPS blockers in Syria, Northern Europe and the Scandinavian countries, which put off receivers of the navigation system of NATO member countries .

“This was a huge success for Russian military navigation technologies,” said Sina.

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The author stresses that Russia “does not sit idly by” and is committed to improving technologies in the field of GPS. “It is necessary to have advanced electronic communication technologies and excellent knowledge in the field of mathematics, and the Russians are famous for it,” concluded the author.

Meanwhile, All Su-57 fighters will be equipped with superior weaponry in their characteristics to foreign counterparts, Anatoly Gulyaev, head of the Russian Armed Forces’ Major Armed Forces, told the Krasnaya Zvezda newspaper.

Gulyaev recalled in an interview with the newspaper that in May Vladimir Putin set the goal of completely retooling three regiments of the Russian Aerospace Force with Su-57 fighters by 2028.

“It is noteworthy that since the appearance of the Su-57 fighter, many foreign experts have already appreciated the unique capabilities of the Russian aircraft, which surpasses the Western analogues that have been promoted,” the military official said.

The fifth-generation Russian fighter Su-57 made its first flight in 2010. The combination of high maneuverability with the ability to perform supersonic flights as well as a modern complex of on-board equipment and low visibility gives it superiority over competitors .

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