Efficiency and high precision: Russia to adopt the latest Sosna air defense system

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MOSCOW – Russia will introduce the latest Sosna anti-aircraft missile system into service, a source at Vysokotochnye Kompleksy holding part of state-owned Rostec said.

“Cross-testing of the Strela-10ML anti-aircraft missile system [or Sosna anti-aircraft missile system when made for export] was successfully completed in May 2019. The Russian Ministry of Defense has decided to introduce the system into service and the equipment is planned for 2022,” the source said.

System Details

Sosna is an air defense system, armed with short-range ground-to-air missiles, designed to protect troops against air strikes in all types of combat.

In addition, the complex is characterized by the high efficiency and accuracy of the air strike , high battlefield survival capability, as well as the total automation of the operation process, as well as extremely short reaction time.

The system is armed with 12 Sosna-R anti-aircraft missiles, which can reach targets at a distance of up to 9.6km and at an altitude of 4.8km.

The complex also has a record range between the national and foreign complexes with laser guidance system.

The system was first presented at the military forum ARMY 2018, organized by the Russian Ministry of Defense, and its improved version will be shown during the next edition of the forum this year, which will take place between June 25 and 30 with the participation of 62 countries.

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Rossiya Segodnya is the official news agency of the military forum, while the international news and radio agency Sputnik enters as an international media partner of the 2019 ARMY forum.

Meanwhile, National Interest has analyzed the potential of the T-72B3 Russian tank and the export version T-72B1MS, claiming that they are the most deadly versions of the T-72, quite efficient and advanced and at the same time cheaper than T-90 or version of the T-80.

According to the author of the publication, the improved T-72 has very high demand worldwide, given the large number of countries that have the classic T-72 in their service.

So far, the T-72B3 is only used by Russia and Belarus. However, the export version T-72B1MS, which uses some technology from the T-72B3, can change the situation.

Both modernized tanks feature a revamped Sosna-U multi-channel aiming system, a digital ballistic computer and a panoramic aiming system in the position of the tank commander, the specialist adds.

The use of this optics gives the T-72B1MS an excellent insight into what is happening on the battlefield. It is also reported that such sights are installed in tanks T-90M.

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