FAKE NEWS ALERT: Trump did NOT approve an attack on Iran and then ‘reverse course’


This is an alert to warn readers of a fake news story circulating the internet. It has been made worse by the lack of clear phrasing at Sputnik and RT.

The New York Times began this fake news story that Trump ‘reversed course’. It is all based on their own anonymous leak, in the first place, who they say claims to be a Trump official, and that Trump was set on an attack at 7pm eastern standard time, on June 20th. There is no verifiable information on this. It is Fake News, from a yellow journalism outlet that works openly with the CIA, and has been wrong on every major story that led to war.



The story has since been picked up by every news agency around the world, to varying degrees. The source is the NYT ‘unnamed official’.

FRN has a full report going into detail on this fake news story, originating at the NYTimes.

Here is FRN’s analysis of the entire situation. Or click on the image here


FRN previously, on June 19th, clearly and accurately reported Trump’s actual and final position on ‘attacking Iran’:

MAJOR: Trump Opposes Pompeo, Bolton On Iran – Says Military Intervention ‘Not A Consideration’ In Apparent Reversal

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