FAKE NEWS: Russia has not received sale request from Iran to buy S-400 systems

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MOSCOW – Russia has received no request from Iran to supply its S-400 air defense systems, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov said on Friday.

When asked if Moscow had received a relevant request from Iran, Borisov denied it in a clear and straightforward manner.

“Let them continue to spread [fake news],” Borisov said when asked to comment on Western media speculation and cooperation between Russia and Iran.

In late May, Bloomberg wrote that Russia refused to sell S-400 anti-aircraft defense systems to Iran. According to the agency, Russia would have decided not to sell the possibility of increased tensions in the Middle East.

However, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, commenting on the news, said he had no information that Russia would have refused to sell S-400 air defense systems to Iran.

Bloomberg news came as tensions between the US and Iran reached a new high in May, with Washington further sanctioning Tehran and sending a group of aircraft carriers, a B-52 bomber squadron and Patriot systems to the Middle East to face what the White House describes as a threat emanating from Iran.

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Meanwhile, Turkey will lose face and will suffer a strategic defeat if it abdicates from purchasing the Russian S-400 anti-aircraft defense systems as the US requires, expert Yuri Mavashev of the Center for Modern Turkish Studies said.

The expert explained that Washington, in requiring Ankara not to buy Russian weapons, presents an ultimatum, without proposing any compromise.

Vladimir Bruter, a specialist at the International Institute for Political and Humanitarian Studies, added in an interview to RT that if Turkey refuses to buy the S-400, it would show that the country is pressured.

“It will lose a lot on the issue of its public image, as well as on the issue of relations with Russia. The Turkish government must decide whether or not this is worth it to have good relations with Washington and if these options converge to Ankara,” he said.

Before, Ankara announced that it would not give up buying the Russian anti-aircraft systems S-400. The first batch of S-400s is due in July this year.

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