Fighting Russia for Resources: What are US goals in the Arctic?


MOSCOW – Russia’s Foreign Ministry said the United States is trying to intensify tensions in the Arctic. The deputy director of the Russian National Institute of Development of Modern Ideology, Igor Shatrov, comments on the actions of the United States in this region.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry official Maria Zakharova commented on statements by US National Security Adviser John Bolton noting that the US intends to turn the Arctic into a theater of war and intensify tension in the region.

Recently, Bolton, at a conference at the Coast Guard Academy, stated that Washington intends to challenge Russia in the Arctic. According to him, the US Coast Guard will take the first step in reestablishing US leadership in the Arctic, which for a long time has not been given adequate importance.

Zakharova stressed that all this means a change in the US attitude towards this region, and that the country’s “bellicose rhetoric” shows that its main intention is to intensify tension in the region and turn it into a theater of war.

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Igor Shatrov in an interview with the Russian service of Radio Sputnik expressed the idea that such statements from Bolton cause justified concern and that the Arctic can become a new Middle East.

“Due to the presence of huge hydrocarbon reserves in the region, it is clear that there is competition for these resources and capabilities in the Arctic, which Russia has more than all other countries. We understand that the United States, which for years are not willing to defend their capabilities through traditional and fair competition and can simply move on to their usual methods of strength. ”

The political scientist explained that Russia is concerned when it hears certain gratuitous declarations of US officials, which, in fact, are not gratuitous, since the American strategy aims to deprive the Russian Federation of the natural competitive advantages that it has due to its location geographical area.

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