FLORES: CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY – Obama Ordered Illegal Attacks on Russia’s Civilian Infrastructure, Electric System

These are Acts of War and Crimes Against Humanity


As we hope readers have by now discovered, the imperial rag, The New York Times, reported yesterday on a secret policy of the Obama administration to attack Russia’s civilian infrastructure. While all of NYT’s claims are suspect, it appears that the leak was broader in scope and their coverage was dedicated to damage control and spin.

In what can only be termed as crimes against humanity carried out by the Obama administration, directed at Russian civilians, it has been revealed that the US carried out cyber attacks on Russia’s strategic infrastructure. In particular, according to the NYT report, the Americans have become “more actively trying to introduce malicious programs into Russian computer networks related to the country’s electrical supply.” The newspaper refers to unnamed current and former representatives of the US administration.

“At least since 2012, as the current and former employees say, the United States has taken intelligence actions against the management systems of the Russian energy networks … at such depth and with such aggressiveness, never seen before. The purpose of this is both a warning and a readiness to conduct cyber-guns if a serious conflict occurs between Washington and Moscow, ” the newspaper writes.

According to The New York Times, then US President Barack Obama “gave secret orders to conduct certain actions against the Russian power networks that would send a signal” to Moscow. “Some actions”, judging by the publication, implies the introduction and deployment of malicious programs in Russian networks. It is important to clarify here that these refer to Russia’s electric system, which are inarguably a part of critical human services of a civilian population – perhaps the cornerstone of them in an industrial society.

These electric systems are part of the computerized system that regulates the stability of nuclear reactors. They power water pumps, stabilize dams, provide electricity to hospitals and refrigerate food.

At the same time, intelligence officers told the newspaper that they hesitated before presenting the current US President Donald Trump the details of these cyber operations against Russia, because they feared his reaction in the form of, for example, canceling an order to conduct such operations or release information from Trump during meetings with officials of foreign countries.

With reference to the intelligence officers withholding this information from President Trump, this alone and in itself confirms the operation of a deep state that can and does withhold critical national security information from the civilian head of state, government, and commander-in-chief of the armed forces.

There are of course so many layers of ‘problem’ inherently wrapped up in the American system, that untangling one impeachable ethical and moral breach from actions and policies, which are themselves simply overtly and unabashedly criminal, now requires libraries, not only books.

Make no mistake, these are crimes against humanity. Attacks on critical infrastructure, such as electric grids, are attacks on civilians and their basic means of sustenance. They also qualify as acts of terrorism.

It is identical in form and substance to any other kind of scorched earth policy. They are genocidal in nature, and criminal by every humane measure.

If there is hesitation, doubt, or a feeling that this identification of these acts as crimes against humanity is somehow exaggeration or in any way poetic, this is a sign of a diseased consciousness which has merely accepted the normalization of crimes against humanity.

Attacks on civilian infrastructure as crimes against humanity is not the opinion of this author, but an easily internet-searchable set of terms that absolutely leaves no doubt.

There are no ‘ifs ands or buts’ about this – only a climate of rampant and racist Russophobia can create a Western culture where these are acceptable ‘responses’ to perceived ‘threats’.

As Margaret Kimberly, Editor and Senior Columnist at Black Agenda Report, noted on social media when the story broke – “When Venezuelans made this claim they were called liars. Now NY Times admits that electric grids can be sabotaged and that the U.S. is doing it…”.

In this case we follow an unending theme of the normalization of crimes against humanity, and among some layers of the population a deference to to this normalization with an attitude of permissiveness even defensiveness of the actions. These are ethically absent people, who have no consistent matrix of sorting right from wrong, and can subjectively rationalize any type of crime against humanity.

As Obama had previously directly ordered the bombing of Libya and the organization of death squads on a military-size scale in Syria, and is already a confessed war criminal (acts which are undeniably war crimes are not disputed by Obama to have been ordered/carried out by himself).

In the words of Dr. King, “For evil to succeedall it needs is for good men to do nothing.” It is therefore incumbent upon people of conscience to openly and repeatedly condemn the US policy on attacking civilian infrastructures as the crimes against humanity that they are. The normalization of these crimes, their regularity, or being comparatively less horrific than more ‘visible’ measures, can not be the basis to fail to explain what these are, who they effect, and why – nominally speaking – an international consensus has prevailed for generations that these are simply and inexcusably crimes against humanity; the perpetrators of which must be held accountable and brought to justice.

The fact that, for example, over a third of the peoples of Britain want to see Tony Blair tried as a war criminal is somewhat encouraging. That high courts have blocked such procedures is on the one hand not surprising, and on the other nevertheless devastating to millions of innocent women and children who were murdered in their sleep by the Royal Air Force, and were cut off from civilian infrastructures.  These are innocent people who died of malnutrition or lack of access to basic needs such as water or healthcare. The consequences of attacks on civilian infrastructure lead to the same as a bombing campaign. And while often these fail to evoke the same visceral reaction from a concerned public, the consequences in terms of impact, as well as their lethality, are at least as devastating, if not more.

People of conscience who are of clear mind, and not trapped within the internal discourse of American politics, can see it for what it is: a sick and despicable mainstream political culture which surpasses in the normalization and banalization of evil, where even fascism failed. It should be included that those promoting and justifying these war crimes in mass media, a corporate entity, are also culpable of war crimes and crimes against humanity. These are basic facts we can never forget, and cannot begin to forgive until justice has been found.


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