Forgotten Battles Against the Deep State Part 4

The De Gaulle-Johnson Alliance to Break the Empire


In the first three instalments of the series “Forgotten Battles Against the Deep State (1945-1968)”, we were introduced to international array of leaders who arose during the post-WW2 years to defend the principles of scientific and technological growth in opposition to the cancerous growth of a neo-Malthusian agenda which had arisen in the ashes of the failed Wall Street/City of London-funded plan to impose a global fascist dictatorship onto the world during 1938-1945. This neo-Malthusian revival had sought to re-package the “science” of eugenics which the Nazis had made psychologically unacceptable to the masses of the free world into a new costume more acceptable to a new generation. This blood curdling thesis calling for “making the unthinkable become thinkable” under a one world government was outlined in Sir Julian Huxley’s 1946 Founding Manifesto of UNESCO and became a guiding blueprint for the formation of the modern Deep State ever since.

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Part Three: W.A.C. Bennett Against the Malthusians

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In this fourth instalment (co-written with Quebec historian Raynald Rouleau) we will meet a network of alliances that formed in France and Quebec under the leadership of Quebec’s Premier Daniel Johnson Sr. and French President Charles De Gaulle from 1967-1968 who intended to create an international program for development in opposition to the Anglo-American Empire that has been written out of modern history. Just as this plan was blossoming, assassins bullets ended the lives of Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King. The life of Daniel Johnson Sr was cut short under extremely suspicious circumstances during this same period leaving Charles De Gaulle to stand alone in the face of a new global paradigm shift which soon saw his leadership overthrown in 1969 under a London-directed neo-Jacobin movement of anarchism in France.

Their stories are told here for the first time.


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