Forgotten Battles Against the Deep State Part Two

JFK vs. the Empire


Since the rise of a powerful coalition of nations led by Russia and China acting in defense of the principle of national sovereignty and in opposition to the globalist agenda for a one world bankers’ dictatorship, a spark of national renewal has spread across the Trans Atlantic nations.

This was ushered in by the Brexit and followed suite with the 2016 election of the flawed yet anti-technocratic presidency of Donald Trump in America. With the disintegration of the European Monetary Union, an upsurge of nationalist ferment has spread across Austria, Italy, France and beyond ushering in possibilities for a new world economic order based on cooperation and sovereignty rather than unipolarism and depopulation.

In response to this renewed nationalism, every branch of the oligarchy’s international power structures have been activated to defend the “old liberal order” and undermine such governments of Trump, Corbyn, Conte et al.

These power structures have come to be known as the “Deep State” and as this series will demonstrate, it isn’t new nor is it “American” per se as many commentators have been led falsely to believe. Last week, Fort Russ presented the first part of this series “Forgotten Battles Against the Deep State (1944-1968) under the title “John Diefenbaker’s Northern Vision Sabotaged by Rhodes Scholars”.

This second part of this series was authored by American historian Anton Chaitkin and first appeared in the September 6, 2013 issue of Executive Intelligence Review for the 50th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s murder, a crime from which America has never recovered. The article (which was reproduced on the pages of the Canadian Patriot Review) sheds new light on the resistance to the British coup conducted on western governments during the post war years.

Click here to read Part Two of the Forgotten Battles of the Deep State in North America: JFK vs. the Empire

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