Among the many events, an International Congress against military bases


German Peace movement focuses on our giant base Ramstein:
“Ramstein is not the band, but a US Air Base on German land, but it’s way more than just an airbase, the linchpin of drone warfare in the Near East and Mid East, and the insertion point for all the A-weapons in Europe. Further, Ramstein is where they coordinate all Air Force deployments in Europe, North Africa, and the Near and Mid East. Wars in breach of International Law are carried out from German soil and with German approval. And all this from the country sworn to “Never More Fascism, Never more War.”

This was already in 1999 when Joschka Fischer led Germany in the so-called Kosovo war and redesigned the formerly pacifist Greens in a war party. Yes, the Greens, which thanks to climate change and Fridays for Future became crazy hip, that Dear Alliance 90 — The Greens. Let it be said to you, before a youtuber slaps you on the ears: “Environmental and climate protection is not possible without peace policy!”

Thanks to Rezo (popular German youtube personality – tr), Ramstein has now arrived at the Youtube generation. In his notorious video “The Destruction of the CDU,” which got 14 million clicks, he has dedicated eight minutes to the US Air Base Ramstein (See video at 29:22)

This, of course, gives the organizers hope for increased mobilization during the Stopp Ramstein Action Week, which will be held from 23 to 30 June as was published in a press conference in Berlin today.

The purchase of the Hebron combat drones and the entry of the federal government into the business of killer drones, the doubling of drone operations by the Trump administration compared to the first half of 2018, especially in Pakistan, Yemen and Afghanistan, where 80% of the drone victims are civilians and thus affirm the allegation of violation of international law — all are reason enough to protest for the fifth time at the gates of the base.

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However, this year’s protest week will be particularly marked by the impending war against Iran and the role that this air base would play in such a war as the central task force of all US airborne troops in the African and Asian regions. Ammunition is already being transported to the region via Ramstein to a large extent. Hence the demand on the Federal Government, not to participate in such a war, and that means not granting any overflight rights and preventing the use of Ramstein for these purposes.

Following the termination of the INF Treaty by the US, there is the threat of deploying land-based nuclear weapons in Europe, and should it happen, is likely to center on Ramstein.
The deployment of new nuclear weapons in Europe must be prevented and existing ones must be withdrawn, according to the second core demand of this year’s protest.

In addition to the aspects of peace policy, the environmental consequences of this military base are becoming increasingly important and present a whole new dimension to the climate debate. The Air Base and its activities are a veritable climate killer. The US military consumes more oil than countries like Sweden or Iraq. A US supersonic aircraft generates as much emissions as 34,000 cars in one hour. The kerosene used, which is far more carcinogenic than diesel fuel and is routinely drained over the region, leads to groundwater pollution, and of course the CO2 emissions are already sufficient grounds to close the military base.
The “Stop Air Base Ramstein” campaign will take place from June 23rd to 30th. The planned events:
A one-week international peace camp
A public evening event in the Apostle Church
An international congress against military bases
A peace workshop
A big demonstration followed by a peace festival
Actions of civil disobedience
Further information at: The campaign’s website.
Without the environment everything comes to nothing. However, a climate-friendly world does not help when acts of war makes it uninhabitable.
Therefore, peace and environmental activists must support each other for a better world.

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