Head of Zelensky’s party promises that Ukrainian flags will wave over DPR and LPR without a shot being fired

Ukrainian Army continues to shell civilian areas in related news


KIEV – The chairman of the party “The Servant of the People”, Razumkov, promised to return the Donbass to Ukraine with “information weapons”.

“Unfortunately, tomorrow (the conflict – ed) will not end. We will make every effort to ensure that this process begins as soon as possible, this is true. The main task that the president, and all of his entourage, and the Party of the Servant of the People put in front of them is to stop shooting, so that our guys at the front will not die, ” Razumkov said at a briefing in Kiev on Tuesday, June 18.

According to him, the Zelensky team is not going to return the Donbass with “cannons or machine guns”, but with  “words”.

“The information weapon in the framework of the“ hybrid war ”is much worse and more effective than cannons, shells, missiles or tanks. So it will be necessary to return with the same weapon – information to inform the temporarily occupied territories and the people who live there, that we love them and want them to return and that they are the same as we, the citizens of this country. Despite all that has happened, we will be able to deliver a yellow-blue banner throughout the entire territory of our state, ” Razumkov stressed.

Meanwhile earlier today, Ukrainian armed forces fired incendiary ammunition at a settlement in the Donetsk People’s Republic. This was reported in an emergency statement of the command of the Armed Forces of the DPR.

Today, Ukrainian political scientist Yermolayev doubted the possibility of returning the Donbass to Ukraine. Earlier, a Nazi from the “Pravy Sector”   promised to teach the “low-intellectual” residents of Donbass to love Bandera. Another  Ukrainian Nazi promised in two years to make “the inveterate Bandera” of the residents of the DPR and the LPR .

In March, Nazi Korchinsky declared that there were no “not traitors to Ukraine” or “patriots of his country” left in the Donbass . Recall that in February, a migrant from Donbass denied the statement of the Ukrainian propagandist Gordon that,  allegedly, 80% of Donbas residents are pro-Ukrainian .

“I watch your shows and I really like them. But I want to make a small remark. In one of the programs you said that 70-80% of Donbas residents are for Ukraine. This is unfortunately not the case. There if 30% will be for Ukraine, it will be good. I go there very often and I know it! ”Said the resettlement.

We add that, according to the statements of Ukrainian politicians, in the case of the return of Donbass to Ukraine, residents of this region are expected only two options for the development of events: physical cleaning of the region and prison.

Last October, Kiev said that after UN peacekeepers enter the entire territory of Donbass, Kiev would give residents of Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics, who opposed Ukraine,  2 months to leave their homes and go “anywhere “. Otherwise, in the cities of the DPR and the LPR, a “meat grinder” will begin.

In August, the ex-Minister of Defense of Ukraine revealed a plan to clean up the Donbass within the framework of Minsk.

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