Is Gazprom about to dominate Brazil?

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RIO DE JANEIRO – The World Congress of Chambers of Commerce, based in Rio de Janeiro, received commercial representatives from countries such as Russia and China.

Gilberto Ramos, president of the organization said that the group signed a cooperation agreement with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Moscow. He explained that the agreement covers areas such as innovation, infrastructure and research.

“Our agreement is also aimed at fostering trade, industrial, investment and cultural relations,” he said. The representative also pointed out that among the bilateral chambers of commerce present at the event, the Brazil-Russia Chamber is the only one present at the World Trade Forum.

Among Russian companies interested in operating in Brazil, Ramos cited some of the Oil & Gas sector, such as Rosneft, Gazprom, Acron and Novatec.

According to the president of the Russian-Brazilian trade organization, the relationship promoted by the group between countries goes beyond parties and governments.

“Our role does not have any political-party orientation, of course, as president of the Chamber, I have always seen both countries as partners, not just markets,” he said.

Ramos also explains that he understands the partnership promoted as mutually advantageous.

“We see a much more strategic relationship, investment relationship, bring some technologies that Brazil does not have,” he added, pointing out that there are also Brazilian technologies in use in Russia.

The World Congress of Chambers of Commerce began on Wednesday and continues until Friday.

The president of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Sergei Karyrin took the opportunity to praise the ties between Moscow and Brasilia and announced opportunities.

“Brazil can take advantage and already partially benefit from the fact that Russia faces sanctions,” said the Russian.

“Today there is room for agricultural producers: Firstly, there are foods that we do not produce and Brazil could work well in this niche, while the competition in terms of products that Europe no longer supplies [due to the sanctions],” he added, citing meat as a viable option.

According to Katyrin, one day the sanctions must end, but who already occupy certain spaces “will have competitive advantage”.

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The World Congress of Chambers of Commerce was inaugurated this morning, with speeches by the mayor of Rio de Janeiro and the governor of the state, Marcelo Crivella and Wilson Witzel. They announced privatization plans, called for infrastructure investment and declared that the oil industry will bring in more than 250 billion reais in investments in the coming years.

For Katyrin, although Brazil and Russia compete in some areas and some products, such as oil and civil aviation, “Embraer participates broadly in the Russian market.”

“We could work with Embraer in the area of ​​domestic flights,” Katyrin said, noting that this area is a challenge for all BRICS countries.

“As for the oil industry, Brazil could certainly export its work experience and offshore exploration,” he said. “We have something to share.”

For that, he added, “the main thing is the will. And not only the businessmen, but also the authorities.”

“It is no secret to anyone that when there is a high level of political relationship, entrepreneurs try to match up, make contacts, make projects, present invitations,” said Sputnik’s interlocutor.

“This is why it is important, in my opinion, for a ‘chemistry’ between the new Brazilian president and our president to take place in Tokyo during the G20,” said Katyrin.

The president of the Russian Chamber of Commerce recalled that the BRICS summit will be held in Brazil this year and believes this is also a good opportunity to strengthen ties and advance politically. The top official, in addition to directing the House, chairs the BRICS Business Council and secured news in November.

“We have nine working groups conducting a very serious effort in a number of ways,” he warned.

Serguei Katyrin is not in Brazil for the first time but stressed the personal importance of this specific trip as Moscow applied to hold the World Congress of the Chambers of Commerce in 2023.

“We are dedicating a lot of time to hosting the event, and this is the beginning of this fight. We set up this great stand with the city of Moscow and we will try to convince everyone that this is the best place to hold the congress.”

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