Is the U.S preparing for simultaneous wars against Russia and China?

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WASHINGTON DC – In the US, an information campaign aimed at preparing for a new war has begun, in which the Pentagon must be ready for a simultaneous conflict against Russia and China, writes Ivan Danilov.

The Bloomberg news agency has published two detailed articles on the subject, written by renowned American experts, designed to intimidate the American reader and those who make decisions in Washington, writes the columnist.

The first text, written by former US and NATO commander in Europe, retired Admiral James Stavridis, suggests that Washington and its European allies are not clearly prepared for the so-called Russian-Chinese alliance which threatens Americans with simple fact of its existence.

The other article, authored by Professor Hal Brands of Johns Hopkins University (US), an expert on many influential NGOs, insinuates that Washington must urgently begin to prepare for a confrontation with the two great powers simultaneously, otherwise it will be helpless in front of the Russian-Chinese coalition.

For the Russian columnist, this media event can be attributed to the negative attitude of the two influential experts, who express the sense of “decline” and death of US hegemony, often mentioned by the American press.

According to the analysis, reading the text of the former US commander, one can note, in addition to a slight panic, that he appeals to the deepest fear of Washington’s political elite, based on Halford’s geopolitical theory John MacKinder, who believes in the domination of strategic areas by Moscow and Beijing – something that is considered a great existential threat to the United States.

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Former Admiral Stavridis, enumerating the points of interaction between Moscow and Beijing, comes to the conclusion that the purpose of this cooperation is the Sino-Russian control over Eurasia and Africa as a whole, which inevitably entails the of its allies to the periphery of the world, explains the analyst.

In response, the retired commander recommends that the US and its allies should pay attention to growing cooperation between Russia and China, preventing the Sino-Russian alliance from seducing European countries, as well as trying to do everything possible to support a united Europe and strengthen the network of alliances, partnerships and friendships on the periphery of Asia.

In the opinion of the journalist Danilov, these measures are nothing more than a sabotage of Sino-Russian cooperation, complementing that in the theses published by the renowned experts there are only punitive measures.

Danilov concludes that Russia is seen as an enemy by Washington and that the United States regards the strengthening of friendship and Sino-Russian cooperation as a clear sign of a desire for world domination, something that the Americans intend to fight at all costs.

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