ISIS terrorists eliminated by Russian forces in Dagestan


MAKHACHKALA, Russia – Two militants from the terrorist group Daesh [ISIS] were liquidated in the republic of Dagestan in southern Russia.

The terrorists were planning attacks on local security forces officials, according to the National Anti-Terrorism Committee of Russia (CNA).

“Makhachkala residents were defenders of the international terrorist group ISIS, illegal in Russia. Acting on orders from their leaders, they acquired firearms, a car and planned to carry out an attack against security forces,” the press office said. of the CNA.

According to the communique of the organ, there was an exchange of shots between the security forces and the militants. Both Daesh members died during the shootout, but there were no injuries among civilians or members of the security forces.

In March, the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) carried out a special operation in the Russian city of Tyumen, where members of the Daesh planned to carry out a terrorist act in one of the city’s residential buildings. As a result of the operation, two Daesh associates were killed.

According to the National Anti-Terrorism Committee of Russia (NAK), there was no death among civilians during the operation in the Russian city of Tyumen.

According to the NAK, the terrorists linked to the Daesh * who were killed were planning terrorist attacks in the Siberian region.

Images posted on social networks show the train of security agents on the move during the Tyumen operation.

The Federal Security Service of Russia (FSB) confirmed at the time that a special operation was under way in the city of Tyumen.

The purpose of the operation was to intercept members of the Daesh who planned a terrorist attack. They were located in a residential building in the city.

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