Kalashnikov launches brand new generation of KAMIKAZE drones (Photos)

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MOSCOW – The Russian arms consortium Kalashnikov presented its latest unmanned reconnaissance and attack aircraft capable of locating and destroying hostile targets.

The ZALA Lancet intelligent attack drone does not require any additional terrestrial or maritime infrastructure to locate and attack your targets.

This new generation unmanned aircraft has its own reconnaissance, navigation and communication modules, as well as a payload of 3 kg, capable of performing a “precision attack” within a radius of up to 40 km.

More advanced system

With a take-off weight of 12 kg, the brand new kamikaze drone, unlike previous models, continuously transmits a video of its engagement with the target to confirm the successful completion of its mission. This system is superior to standard types of similar weapons, but at a lower cost.

“In the context of modern warfare, the drone is capable of reaching targets in the air, on land and in water,” said the head of the Russian state corporation Rostec Sergei Chemezov after the revelation of the new weapon in the international military and technical forum ARMY 2019.

The Lancet is the second high precision drone presented by ZALA AERO, a subsidiary of the Kalashnikov group . The company shared few technical details, but emphasized that the weapons system has already been “tested.”

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Rossiya Segodnya is the official news agency of the military forum. The international radio and news agency Sputnik participates as an international media partner for the 2019 ARMY forum.

Meanwhile, the first batch of the new Udav Russian pistols was supplied to the military and its experimental use began, a senior official said.

Albert Bakov, director general of the Central Institute for Precision Engineering Research (TSNIITOCHMASH) told Sputnik that the military has just received the first batch of the Udav (Serpente, free translation).

The Udav semiautomatic pistol has a 9 mm caliber and is manufactured from fully domestic components.

Udav has already passed all State tests, and its supply to the troops has been recommended. The interdepartmental committee responsible for authorizing mass production finalized its work and took the final decision.

The pistol can use all types of 9x21mm caliber projectiles: tracer, punch and expansive. The capacity of the charger is 18 cartridges.

Especially for the Udav, two new projectiles were designed – subsonic and of high penetration power.

The civilian version will meet the demands of professional sportsmen and should appear in the current year, Bakov said.

The pistol without ammunition weighs 780 grams, is 206mm long and 36mm thick.

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