Kazakhstan and Russia consolidate powerful alliance


ALMATY, Kazakhstan – The acting president of Kazakhstan, Kasim-Zhomart Tokaev, said that cooperation with Russia is not only a strategic priority, but also an important “pragmatic” factor in the internal development of his country.

In an interview with Rossiya television 24 that was released on June 2, the Kazakh president said that to achieve the internal objectives, a “favorable external environment” is needed.

“Why do we talk about cooperation with Russia, because there is a great pragmatic sense in there, and this cooperation, based on the principles of strategic partnership, is perhaps the most important factor in the internal development of Kazakhstan,” Tokaev told Rossiya.

The first president of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, who held this post for almost 30 years, resigned on March 20, the interim presidency of the country was assumed by Kasim-Zhomart Tokaev.

The early elections of the head of the Kazakh State were scheduled for June 9, 2019, as candidates were registered seven people, including Tokaev.

Kazakhstan would like to build a new geopolitical structure, the Great Eurasia, together with Russia, said Tokaev back in April.

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Kazakhstan expects the normalization of relations between Moscow and the West, since this will benefit not only the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union, but all of Eurasia as a whole and will improve the world economy, Tokaev stressed in an interview with Rossiyskaya Gazeta, published in the anteroom of his first visit to Moscow.

“We believe that the idea of ​​the Great Eurasia, in the broad sense of this term, opens horizons to improve the economic relations of Asia and Europe and can become the basis for the formation of a new system of international relations in the Eurasian space” he explained.

According to Tokaev, the sanctions, “the growing tendencies towards isolationism and protectionism” in global geopolitics seriously affect the world economy. The president stressed that, in a negative overall context, the interaction between Kazakhstan and Russia is a “standard of interstate relations”. Thus, Moscow remains Kazakhstan’s main ally in the Collective Security Treaty Organization and its leading trading partner.

“Our first president and national leader, Nursultan Nazarbayev, said that Kazakhstan and Russia are neighbors of God and that we will always be together,” added the head of the republic.

Tokaev’s visit to Moscow took place on April 3. During it, he assured Russian President Vladimir Putin that his task was to continue the course of his predecessor to maintain close relations between the two States.

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