MAJOR: Antioch says Schismatic Bartholomew can be REMOVED by Council of Orthodoxy


ANTIOCH – According to the Bishop Qais (Sadiq) of Erzurum, Vicar of His Beatitude Patriarch John X of Antioch and All the East, the situation with the church in Ukraine can lead to the overthrow of the Patriarch of Constantinople Bartholomew. His statements are necessarily made in accordance with the views of John X of Antioch, and carries the weight of the patriarchate.

According to him, this can happen if all the Orthodox Churches gather a Council without the primate and make a decision. Usually, if in the Orthodox world there appears a desire to assemble a general church council, then each church is determined within itself and reaches agreement on this matter, and only then sends a request to the Patriarch of Constantinople to convene a council.

“However, this is not a general immutable rule. There is another possibility: any Orthodox Church has the right to reach an agreement with other Churches and convene a Council,” said the bishop, noting that the Church of Antioch wanted the Patriarch of Constantinople to reconsider his decision, and that the church crisis in Ukraine should be resolved peacefully.

Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk, head of the Moscow Patriarchate, at the international conference on the Violation of the Rights of Believers in Ukraine, held in Moscow, said that the format of inter-Orthodox consultations would be a more effective tool for solving the issue of Ukrainian autocephaly than appealing to the Patriarch of Constantinople.

Recall that the Patriarch of Constantinople Bartholomew handed over Tomos,  autocephaly of the “new church” of Ukraine, on January 6th 2019, violating centuries of Church tradition. This centralizing move saw critics denounce it as ‘Papist’and schismatic in nature. Bartholomew was  thereafter considered a schismatic, within the consensus of world Orthodoxy. 

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