MAJOR: Illegal Kosovo Entity Breaks Relations with UN Mission after Brutalizing and Arresting UN Representative


KOSOVO, Occupied Serbia – Pristina has just announced its cessation of communication with the UN Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK), since “UNMIK violates international law and the UN Charter.” This was stated by the “Minister of Foreign Affairs” of the separatist Kosovo entity, Bedzhet Patzoli, on 12 June.

The self-declared Pristina-based government is universally recognized as a proxy headquarters for the U.S military occupation in the Serbian province of Kosovo. While they have declared their own independence and engaged in a campaign of ethnic cleansing against the Serbian ethnic group, the UN does not recognize them as a state. Their flag is itself a variation of the EU flag, with a physical depiction of the territory they claim – but this flag flies co-equally out of their nominal government building in Pristina, alongside the UN and NATO flags, the EU flag, and the flag of Albania.

Attacks against legal Serbian connected authorities, journalists, and most recently a Russian UN representative with UNMIK, have increased in the past year and a half. This has placed increased pressure on both Brussels and Belgrade to sort a solution. The EU has an unofficial position of recognition of Kosovo on the part of Belgrade, as an independent country, and this has stalled EU membership talks for years. Serbia has not substantively begun a process which in itself could take more than a decade.

It appears that if EU and US positions on Serbia drift apart, in conjunction with growing differences in multiple domains, Berlin could push a position on the EU to recognize Kosovo as Serbia, if Serbia otherwise expedites its membership into the EU.

At the same time, this move against the UN by the self-declared Pristina authorities works to further undermine the position of the Greater Albania project in the eyes of the international community. It further decreases the possibility that Kosovo will be recognized by the UN as a real country.

Earlier, the head of UNMIK, Zahir Tanin, presented a report on the activities of the mission in Kosovo, in which he stressed that the authorities in Pristina do not respect the diplomatic immunity of UN staff.

Mikhail Krasnoshchekov

On May 28, armed Albanian separatist forces in the north of Kosovo beat and detained a Russian diplomat, UNMIK officer Mikhail Krasnoshchekov. Later, the separatist leadership announced that Krasnoshchekov had created obstacles for the “Kosovo police” during the “operation against organized crime”.

On that day, more than 30 people were arrested in four Serbian municipalities in the north of the region, most of them Serbs.

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