MAJOR: Terrorist FAIL in attempt to destroy Russian base in Syria

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LATAKIA – Earlier this morning, jihadists in the Syrian northwest province of Idlib made a pathetic attempt to destroy the Russian Hmeimim airbase in Latakia province with a bomb.

The failed attempt to destroy the Hmeimim airbase, Russia’s main airbase in Syria and located in southwest Latakia province, was conducted with attack drones who fired missiles.

As expected and as has happened with previous attempts to destroy the Russian base, it was easily repulsed by Russian forces using missile defense systems.

This has been the jihadists first attempt to attack the Hmeimim airbase since early May, where once again, their weak attacks were easily repelled by Russian forces.

At that time, terrorist forces fired a total of 36 rockets against the Hmeimim airbase on May 6, the Russian military reported.

According to the Russian military report, the rockets were fired in two attacks and the jihadists once again used a drone to direct the fire against the airbase. Both attacks were repelled by the airbase’s defenses. No damage or casualties were reported, as has been accustomed every time jihadist in the western areas of Idlib province attack the Russian airbase.

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The shelling in early May came from the Idlib de-escalation zone, which includ the jihadist-held parts of Latakia, Idlib, Hama and Aleppo provinces.

The Russian Aerospace Forces carried out strikes on militant positions in response to the attack where tens of terrorists were killed.

In late May, Russia’s Ministry of Defense said on Monday that it had repelled a drone and missile attack on its main air base in Syria’s Latakia Province and accused former Nusra Front militants of being behind the assault.

The RIA news agency cited the ministry as saying it had shot down six missiles fired at the Hmeimim air base.

It is not expected that any drone attack against Hmeimim will be successful, however, despite this fact jihadist forces have not given up on the harassing maneuvers.

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