MAJOR: Trump SLAMS Fake News ‘misreporting’ on Iran – Trump did NOT ‘reverse course’ on strike


WASHINGTON DC – Jun 23, 2019  – In a major blow to the remaining credibility of US mainstream and legacy media corporations, US President Donald Trump rebuked ‘misreporting’ and iterated that he did not cancel the order to strike Iran, as he had not given such an order.

FRN previously reported on this in major news on Friday June 21st. It was apparent to FRN that the New York Times had once again misreported Trump’s responses to critical questions, and this ‘fake news’ was alerted to readers.  Along with this the same day, FRN announced as ‘fake news’ the claim from the NYT’s ‘anonymous leak’, claimed as a White House official, that ‘Trump had reversed course’ after approving an attack.

Later the same day, what appeared as an ‘admission’ on the part of Trump that he had ‘reversed course’ turned out not the case. While FRN was prepared to issue a retraction or correction on our original story, ultimately the president’s clarification on this matter has further substantiated FRN’s original claim.

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The president explained his decision not to strike at Iran after a US military drone shot down by the air defense forces of that country. According to Trump, such a blow “would not have been a proportionate response” to Tehran’s actions against the US Air Force.

Reuters claims that officials in Iran, on condition of anonymity, told Reuters that Tehran had received a “message” from the US president, transmitted through Omani authorities, warning of a quick American strike on the Islamic Republic.

Iran has not confirmed this for its part, and readers are reminded that the US has a direct line with Iran and would not need to transmit a highly sensitive message through a third party. If the message did originate from those in the US’ chain of command, the method of distribution suggests it was not with the full support of the White House.

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It would appear that Trump furthermore takes issue with the NYT’s claims on this, without directly mentioning that the alleged anonymous source, had come from them.

This is in reference to the fact that Trump proceeded on June 21st to mention that the NYT, who gave the false leak and which FRN connected to its history of working with the CIA, ‘was feeding false stories about me … to the FBI’.

Taken all together, this swipe at the NYT for feeding false stories, which occurred on the same day that the NYT reported a false story using an ‘unnamed official’, appears to be a partial answer to the NYT’s claims which Trump then, on June 23rd, announced were ‘misreporting’.

Our analysis on the motives and possible reasons surrounding this story can be read here:


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