MAJOR: U.S Backed Color Revolution in Moldova misfires as Oligarch Plahotniuc and his Democratic Party supporters flee on jets


CHISINAU – Supporters of the Democratic Party of Moldova, together with their leader, oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc, have just fled the country after the resignation of the government of Pavel Filip. Moldovan media outlets wrote about this, noting that businessmen and politicians flew off in private jets.

According to some reports, Ilan Shor , who is suspected of involvement in a scandal regarding the embezzlement of 1 billion euros from banks, also left the country with his family. And according to some information, Plahotniuc flew to Istanbul, and according to others, to Odessa.

In a statement delivered by the Democratic Party headquarters this morning and reported by TASS, the party confirmed the reports but attempted to distance his moves from the resignation of government, couching it as a ‘family visit’.

“Due to media speculations about the alleged disappearance of the Moldova Democratic Party leader, we confirm that Vladimir Plahotniuc left the country for a couple of days to visit his family,” the press service said in a statement.

After the Democratic Party announced on Friday evening the resignation of Pavel Filip’s cabinet and said it would go into the opposition, Prime Minister Maia Sandu told reporters that Plahotniuc would be prosecuted for “usurping power” and other crimes. According to Moldovan media reports, shortly after the announcement, Plahotniuc and members of his inner circle left the country.

Earlier the Democratic Party decided on its political council that the government of Pavel Filip dismissed by President Igor Dodon should resign. For a few days it appeared as though Dodon was preparing an exit, at least according to opposition media and western reporting.

However, rather than a resignation, President Dodon mobilized public sector institutions, party supporters, and civil society organizations in coordination with security and the courts, to push against the U.S backed oligarch Plahotniuc’s gambit to seize power.

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Dodon expected that individuals close to the self-declared former government would try to flee the country, but he is sure that they will be found if necessary.

In a series of events not dissimilar to those in Venezuela, a U.S backed majority in the parliament used western support in coordination with the corruption and intimidation tactics of Plahotniuc, to declare the sitting President null and void.

As FRN reported previously, Dodon pushed back and declared the parliament’s moves illegal and moved to form a new cabinet.  City ​​mayors, municipal councilors and chairmen of district councils gathered on June 14th at the Moldovan parliament building in Chisinau to demonstrate support for the new cabinet under the leadership of Maia Sandu.

Sandu thanked the participants and called on everyone to join the march in support of the new government, which will be held on Sunday, June 15th.

These events in Moldova represent yet another failed color revolution attempt by U.S backed interests in recent months.

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