MAJOR: U.S Color Revolution gambit finds itself smashed on the rocks of Moldova’s justice system


CHISINAU – The Constitutional Court of Moldova handed down an emergency decision, dealing a fatal blow to the failed U.S attempt to overthrow the government in Moldova. The U.S had been working with the Democratic Party of Moldova and its oligarch leader, Vladimir Plahotniuc, to unseat the Russia friendly communist leader, Igor Dodon.  The ruling has overturned the previous decision by a self-declared authority with U.S backing, to dissolve parliament and hold early elections.

The corresponding statement was made by the chairman of the highest court of the country, Mihai Poalelunge .

“The Constitutional Court of Moldova decided to review and annul the decisions of June 7–9,” he said.

The judge stressed that this decision is final. His statement has already been commented by the President of Moldova, Igor Dodon . He noted that the review of decisions that led to the crisis in the country took place at his request.

“I welcome this decision,” Dodon was quoted by TASS.

Recall that on June 8th, the Socialist Party of Moldova (formerly Communist Party), which Dodon formerly led before declaring himself independent, and the ACUM bloc formed a parliamentary majority, which was to be formed before June 7th. This government was friendly to Dodon and while in a coalition with the ACUM which nominally supports EU integration, pursues a sovereign line. 

The crisis rings reminiscent of that in Ukraine, because Moldova as a DCFTA state is very low on the priorities for the EU’s own preferred integration targets. Meanwhile, we found primarily U.S backing for a political crisis that was more anti-Russian in character than anything else.

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The pro-Democrat Party Constitutional Court declared the formation of a pro-Dodon government illegal, claiming that timelines had expired, and stating that the term of office of the parliament had itself expired. In response, the government denounced  this attempt by the Democratic Party through judges to usurp power.

The political crisis in the country began to progress rapidly. On June 9, the Constitutional Court of Moldova handed power over to the vice-chairman of the Democratic Party, Pavel Philip , acting Prime Minister, to preside over the decree dissolving the parliament. He was also supposed to call early elections on September 6th.

Dodon called the decision of the COP “a desperate step for the usurpation of power.” In the political confrontation that began, supporters of the president and the new government of pro-Dodon Maya Sandu prevailed. The Democratic Party announced on June 14 that Philip’s government voluntarily resigned.

As FRN reported, while the political crisis was raging in the country, President Dodon constantly urged members of the Constitutional Court to rescind their decision on the unconstitutionality of parliament’s actions. However, the judges, who are in the majority supporters of the Democratic Party, pulled held out until the very end. 

Yesterday, these events became apparent as Democratic Party leaders, including Plahotniuc himself, hastily fled the country.

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