MAJOR: U.S proposes path for Recognizing Crimea as Russian

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MOSCOW – The United States proposed a path to recognize Crimea as Russia by way of holding a U.S supervised or managed second referendum in the Crimea, even after the region has already been reunited with Russia. This, in particular, was offered to Moscow by ex-head of the State Department, John Kerry , but was refused, according to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov .

A contact group for Donbass met in Minsk and worked to prepare a new agreement on the establishment of a new ceasefire agreement on the contact line of the warring parties. Russia hopes that Kiev will fulfill its obligations.

At the same time, the representative of Kiev in the contact group and former Ukrainian head, Leonid Kuchma, talked about the possibility of lifting of the blockade on the Donbass. This angered the former president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko , who demanded public explanations from the current Ukrainian leader, Vladimir Zelensky.

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Meanwhile, the Zelensky team began an open fight against the Foreign Ministry. The presidential administration says it believes that the Foreign Ministry continues to cooperate with Poroshenko. Officials came to such conclusions because the speech prepared for Zelensky during a trip to Brussels, partially coincided with Poroshenko’s speech, which he has delivered earlier. 

All together, FRN assesses there could be a wide margin between actual Ukrainian policy, and what the Zelensky project appears to announce. This idea of a ‘Poroshenko deep state’ may be a partially fictional ruse in order to explain why Zelensky cannot carry through with the kind of normalization with Russia platform which he ran on. Adding another layer to the confusion is the status of the U.S and its actual policy as opposed to its stated policy. This disassembling of reality has become an increasing standard between and among nation-states, which points towards increased instability overall.

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